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Mindsets4Wellbeing - Homeworking

4 practical ways of managing your new work/life reality during the Coronavirus Lockdown

How did Mindsets4Wellbeing: Home Working come about?

Different friends have been asking me for tips on how to work from home! Like so many of us, they were struggling with new less defined work/ life situation that has arisen because of the coronavirus lock-down and were desperately trying to find ways of coping in this new reality. My reaction?

“How on earth can I give tips to advise on someone else's life situation!" But it got me thinking... ...and as the world went into lockdown I started obsessing about how to articulate the ways I have kept my head above water home working and being my own boss for the last 16 years. I'm a creative and wellbeing specialist who designs and delivers projects across the UK in multiple art forms as well as being a singer songwriter. I live with my partner who works from home- we have a glorious one year old, a lovely labrador and the usual amounts of life and family stresses.

So, 20 drafts later I have distilled my experience and thinking down to four core wellbeing concepts that aim to be transferable to any working at home situation. An added bonus to this process is that it has ignited in me a vision of building on Mindsets4Wellbeing and developing it as empowerment programme (more to come on this). But for now, back to you...

What does your current situation look like?

Where you were maybe more used to ‘going to work’ or having more defined hours and control over your space you may now find yourself...

  • Back living with family

  • By yourself

  • Working next to house mates

  • Looking after children full time

  • Not having work

  • An unprecedented amount of work

  • Being with a partner 24 hrs a day!!!

Are parts of it driving you crazy?

If you're finding it hard, that’s completely justified in these crazy times, especially if you’ve had no choice but to work from home. You have the stress of a pandemic and the health, social and economic impacts it is having on your life to deal with, as well as coping with what ever else you have on.

So, what next? 1. Get yourself a cuppa and for 3 minutes have a read. If things jump out at you, go with the flow of what it sparks in your imagination and hopefully over time you can find practical solutions and coping mechanisms of dealing with this new chapter. 2. With the Mindsets4Wellbeing postcards feel free to: Print them, Screenshot them, Share them, Write poems about them Tag me @franwyburn in any shares- I'd love to see what conversations happen! Twitter/ Facebook/ Instragram/ Youtube 3. From Tuesday 7th to Friday the 9th April join the Mindsets4Wellbeing home working social media campaign (which will include daily videos of me attempting to vlog (tho not in a vlogging way). Share your experiences of home working to inspire others and get inspired by what's working for different folk!

Good luck and do keep in touch!



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