"Every day I feel so grateful to be able to witness the astonishing interplay between creativity and wellbeing"

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I believe it is essential to nurture our individual and community creativity and wellbeing. In so doing, our world becomes a better place for all...

My contribution to this vision is:

  • through delivering wellbeing and creative work with people from all social, economic and cultural backgrounds, 

  • through leading training programs to share pedagogy and practice,

  • through working with other creatives to produce innovative live events, theatre and music, and

  • through nurturing my own creativity as a songwriter.

I have a diverse range of specialisms and each of these are woven together in a way that compliments, inspires and informs everything I do. 

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Photo credit: Maria Spadafora



At university, whilst studying Performing Arts, I auditioned for West Side Story not knowing it was being produced in a men's prison. This incredibly inspiring experience ignited such a strong passion in me- I knew my life was to be dedicated to using arts to empower social and personal change.

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 Wellbeing is at the heart of all my work.
I am always learning and discovering ways of facilitating others through a therapeutic creative journey. My personal connection to wellbeing reached new heights when I became a mother at 35. Now, more than ever, I am committed to practicing and modelling what it means to take time to nurture wellbeing.

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At 21, with very little training I started teaching workshops to children, who as you can imagine ran rings around me! However, this prompted me to refine my facilitating skills and the following 16 years it has been my passion to be able to engage people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in responsive, innovative and supportive ways. 

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At 26,  I left the UK with a guitar
I couldn't play to travel, volunteer and work abroad. Whilst away I discovered my passion for songwriting and returned with the courage to follow my dreams! I am so pleased I did, for the following years have been 
filled with so much musical magic.

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